I am interested in the role of mesoscale (O(10-100km)) and submesoscale (O(1-10km)) process on the large ocean circulation, which I investigate combining the use of idealized numerical simulations, analytical models and high resolution global circulation models. Currently I am a Postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University in Prof. Thomas Haines Lab. I completed my PhD in physical oceanography at the University of Washington where I worked on idealized simulations of rotating, stratified flows across finite amplitude topography under the supervision of Prof. Luanne Thompson, with a focus on bottom intensified submesoscale and mesoscale dynamics.

I feel passionate about the study of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics as the foundation for understanding basic processes in physical oceanography

“The frustration of trying to solve a problem, one of those that hunt us in our dreams or keep us awake at night, should be our everyday necessity. Is there any other field but the sciences that provide us with the feeling of being completely lost, when facing a new problem?” A. Minzoni

My current CV is accessible for download. Thank you for stopping by!